What Services are offered at MaintenX?

Facility Maintenance

MaintenX is a full-service Facility Maintenance company serving 14 states across America, including major restaurants and Fortune 500 companies.

With just a call or click, we can take on a project, schedule preventative maintenance, or jump into action on an emergency service call in many locations in the U.S.

We offer 24/7 professional Facility Maintenance service and repair, including:

– Air conditioning

– Refrigeration

– Plumbing

– Electrical Work

– Roofing Repair

– Backflow Programs

– General Contractor Needs

– Rapid Disaster Response

– Preventative Maintenance

– Floor Maintenance

– Snow Removal

– Landscaping

– Dark Closed Stores

– Property Management and Maintenance

– Extensive Self-Performing Facility Maintenance & Repair

MaintenX is one of the largest Facility Maintenance service companies in the U.S. We are always expanding our service area.

Our extensive system of more than forty-five thousand contractors lets us to provide quality Facility Maintenance work throughout the United States. To maintain the standards for our self-performing technicians, contractor selection is not based simply on price, but also quality, experience, consistency, dependability, and service history, coupled with proper preparation and certification.

Green Power Incentives

The Energy Policy Act of 2005 and other federal laws have provided tax incentives for certain energy management projects that exceed the minimum energy consumption benchmarks. Certain utilities companies and state energy offices also have demand-side management rebates and low interest loans to help foster sustainability and energy conservation projects. At MaintenX, we encourage you to look into these Green incentives, as they could be used towards your next project.

Planning for Winter Weather

Here in Florida, temperatures aren’t that cold yet but around the country, the weather is getting colder and if you didn’t do it already, it’s time to take a look at facility management and maintenance for the winter months.
Here are some useful resources for you to get started:
Plan Ahead for Winter Weather
Start taking precautions to minimize the impact the cold weather will have on your business. The location of your operation will influence the amount of planning ahead you need to do, but freak winter storms can pop up even in mild climates. All businesses should take some basic precautions to avoid being caught unprepared.
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Winterize Your Roof
Bad things can happen when snow accumulates on a roof!
roof collapse roof collapse
Winterizing The Roof – Best Practices
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The Dangers of Rooftop Snow

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