Creating a Foolproof Disaster Response and Repair Plan for Your Facility

Whether they are natural or manmade, disasters can have a huge impact on your facility’s infrastructure, profitability, and your ability to do business at all. If facility managers and business owners don’t want to fall victim to these risks, they will need a plan in place before disaster rears its head.

If your facility does not already have one, make sure to create a disaster preparedness plan to protect your facility’s assets and the people who work within its walls. Here are some steps you should take to evaluate threats to your business and keep your facility and assets safe in an emergency.

Assess Potential Threats to the Facility

It is very important that you craft a disaster preparedness plan for your facility. Start by thinking about those potential situations that could pose a risk to facility occupants, such as a fire, flood, or other major weather disaster.

Look out for less Obvious Disasters

Does your facility have protections in place against the threat of cyber-attacks? Do you have an active company-wide safety protocol in case an active shooter situation occurs?

Considering the range of disasters facing your facility can be very distressing. In reality, though, different scenarios each pose different levels of risk to your facility, depending on your location, industry, and other factors.

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