How to Handle Water Damage After a Fire

Fires in your facility are devastating events and can cause many problems. Not only are the lives of your facility’s occupants jeopardized, but valuable facility assets can be damaged or destroyed.

While putting out a fire is essential, the water damage that results will be a financial burden on companies and facility managers. Water can also destroy a facility’s walls, equipment, and carpets.

Sprinkler systems within your facility can reduce damage, in contrast with water hoses. When a fire has been put out, business owners and facility managers alike should take all appropriate steps to handle the situation.

Once the fire has been put out, enough time has passed and your facility is safe to re-enter, calling the insurance company should be your highest priority. They may advise a visitation by an adjuster before repairs on your facility begin. Business owners are usually quite good at understanding what is and is not covered by their facility’s insurance policy. If you don’t know the particulars, it’s vital to make sure you understand.

Your facility may be out of commission for a long time, depending on the scope of the damage, but it is important to take steps to ensure that you can get back to business as soon as possible.

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