Does Your School Campus Need These Maintenance Services? 

Schools are the cornerstones of society. They are the place where young minds develop and shape the next generation of leaders. It is for this reason that we at MaintenX take school campus maintenance very seriously. We want our local communities to feel secure and confident in the facilities where they send their children to learn. Our dedication to service excellence is guaranteed every time we step onto school grounds. 

We encourage school campuses to invest in preventative maintenance for each of their classrooms and facilities. Preventative maintenance not only provides a safer learning environment for students, but also ensures that teachers have the facilities they need to educate effectively. Preventative maintenance measures may seem like a small contributor to student success, but these minor issues can manifest into major ones very quickly. 

Below are four areas that your school should pay special attention to when scheduling preventative maintenance service: 

Plumbing repair. 

In most cases, plumbing service is not provided until there is a major issue. When plumbing issues arise on campus, it could result in students being sent home, or classes being delayed because students do not have access to bathrooms. It is in your best interest to take care of plumbing repairs as soon as a symptom is presented. You can avoid major shutdowns and save money when your MaintenX team prevents a problem rather than fixes an emergency. 

Electrical preventative maintenance. 

Electrical issues can cause major safety risks such as fires, or major inconveniences such as power outages in a classroom. Both of these cause disruptions in the learning environment and can in rare instances put students at risk. Schedule regular preventative maintenance on your electrical systems to keep your students safe. 

Roofing inspections. 

Roofing repair is not typically an emergency service, but a lack of roofing maintenance can worsen the appearance of the campus and put your facilities at greater risk during severe weather events. In Florida, where MaintenX is headquartered, hurricanes pose a serious risk to all coastal campuses. Without proper roofing inspections, your facilities’ roofing may be subject to damage from severe storms like hurricanes. Don’t let this happen — call MaintenX for routine roofing inspections and repairs. 

HVAC repair. 

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning are a matter of safety and comfort for students and teachers. Campus labs and classrooms where hands-on projects are led require efficient ventilation for proper indoor air quality. Your HVAC unit also makes the classroom an inviting environment for both students and teachers. In Tampa, for example, a broken A/C unit can completely shut down a classroom in August or May. Don’t neglect this vital part of preventative maintenance at your campus. 

If you are interested in learning more about school preventative maintenance, contact your local MaintenX team today!

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