Three Critical Aspects of Hotel Maintenance Management

Guest satisfaction in the hotel business is much more than providing a bed and breakfast for travelers. Business guests want to feel refreshed, and vacationers want to feel relaxed. In order to take care of their needs, your hotel needs to provide all the comforts of home with a little extra sparkle to keep them coming back. 

Hotel guests should never have to worry about a leaky faucet, an inefficient A/C, an electrical short, or plumbing issues while they’re with you. These are the kinds of problems people go on vacation to escape; they should never creep into their hotel experience. Therefore, it is your imperative to maintain your rooms and shared spaces with careful attention to detail. 

This is easier said than done. You’re running a 24/7 operation, with many moving parts to manage. It can be difficult for hoteliers to implement preventative maintenance when they already have a long backlog of immediate maintenance issues that need to be addressed. And since you can’t close shop for a day or weekend, it’s up to your maintenance team to be as efficient and fast as possible with each service request. 

While you likely have many tasks on your plate already, addressing your maintenance issues should be a first priority. Here are just a few ways in which you can improve your guest experience immediately:

Knock out maintenance tasks every time a room is vacant.

If you have a long backlog of maintenance issues, make a point to address them with a technician every time the room is vacant. Or, schedule maintenance services during cleaning times to ensure that the next guest doesn’t have the same problem. Maintenance issues should be addressed within the week before they end up on your hotel’s online reviews. 

Implement a computerized maintenance management system.

Managing maintenance service requests is tricky, but a computerized system will help you to organize and provide relevant information to the technicians. MaintenX uses an intuitive software-based work management system to help you manage requests and have them completed sooner. 

Talk to MaintenX about preventative maintenance options.

Preventative maintenance takes care of potential issues before they become guest complaints. MaintenX wants to help you earn a five-star rating by implementing preventative maintenance schedules that work for you. Talk to your local MaintenX team today to learn more.

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