Don’t Believe These Five HVAC Maintenance Myths

Facility managers aren’t maintenance experts. But, they have to make many critical maintenance decisions, some of which will affect the health and function of the entire building and its staff. Because of this responsibility, it’s important that facility managers understand the basics of HVAC maintenance, and the most common mistakes to avoid. 

Below are five of the most common HVAC maintenance myths we hear at MaintenX, and ways you as a facility manager can avoid being tricked by them: 

You only need to change your filters once a year. 

This myth is not only wrong, it can be dangerous if followed. Your air filters should be changed approximately every 30 days — even more if you have excessive dust, dirt, or other indoor air contaminants circulating through your vents. Failing to change your air filters regularly can negatively impact indoor air quality and lead to health problems for tenants and staff. 

The thermostat controls the temperature. 

This isn’t necessarily a myth, but most people believe that whatever temperature to which they set the thermostat is the temperature their building will be. This is only true if you have proper insulation, a high-performing HVAC system, and have no air leaks in the facility. If any of these factors is missing, your HVAC will never be able to get the building to the temperature you set the thermostat. In order to efficiently heat and cool, you must make sure everything else is in working order. 

A bigger HVAC system will cool more efficiently. 

HVAC sizing and performance is not so simple. A larger system will not necessarily cool a space more efficiently; in fact, if it is too large it will start and stop too often to maintain a consistent temperature. A system that is too big will also have trouble controlling the humidity. Instead of opting for the biggest unit available, talk to your MaintenX team to correctly size and install a unit for your facility. 

You should run your HVAC system until it gives out. 

Unfortunately, you may be spending more to maintain an out-of-date or failing HVAC system than you would replacing it. Each situation is different, which is why it’s important to receive an evaluation from an HVAC specialist. Talk to your local MaintenX team for honest advice about maintaining vs. replacing your HVAC system

Preventative maintenance is the best approach for HVAC systems. 

Just like with your car, you don’t want to wait until something major breaks down to get it checked out. Your HVAC technician should come to your facility regularly to check for leaks, clean components, and inform you of potential repairs down the road. This helps you to save money and avoid costly downtime due to emergency service calls. 

These five HVAC myths cost facility owners and managers greatly — don’t let it cost you! Talk to your MaintenX team to learn about proper preventative care and maintenance for your HVAC system.

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