Ways to Improve Business Curb Appeal

As business owners, we spend a lot of time perfecting the look of our brands. The color, the storefront, the packaging of products, and everything in between are meticulously planned to ensure our customers get the same experience every time. Branding is arguably the most important element of marketing as a whole, and it doesn’t stop at the doors. Creating curb appeal for your business can help your brand stand apart from the rest and entice customers to stop even before they know your business’ name. 

At MaintenX, we work hard to ensure our clients’ buildings are in tip-top shape. Part of this is exterior maintenance, including landscaping, roofing repair, exterior HVAC maintenance, and more. We’ve learned a thing or two about curb appeal for businesses, and can help you make your building stand out on your block. 

Below are ten different ways you can instantly improve your curb appeal with the help of the MaintenX team: 

  • Invest in eco-friendly landscaping to improve the look and function of your outdoor environment
  • Schedule parking lot maintenance to get rid of potholes, repaint faded markers, and improve the overall appearance of your parking lot
  • Clean up exterior HVAC units to prevent your building from looking old or worn
  • Invest in roofing maintenance annually to ensure your building looks new and well-maintained
  • Repair concrete sidewalks and hardscape as needed
  • Paint your front door and exterior every few years to keep it looking fresh
  • Pressure wash the exterior annually to prevent dirt buildup
  • Clean and replace signage annually to prevent fading and build-up
  • Update fencing as it ages
  • Clean and upgrade to energy-efficient windows

With these tips, you can make your building’s exterior shine. For more help with landscaping and exterior maintenance service, contact your local MaintenX team or visit our Resource Center.

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