Five Tips To Improve Tenant Retention

As a facility manager, you are under great pressure from owners and investors to retain tenants throughout the years. Long terms without leases mean losses for the owners, which means the better you can impress renters, the more likely you are to succeed. However, retaining tenants in a commercial space is a gamble both on your end and theirs. 

There are many factors that may contribute to tenant dissatisfaction in a commercial space. However, one of the biggest complaints is maintenance. If you want your tenants to be happy with their lease, follow these five maintenance management tips: 

Offer easier maintenance request systems.

If there is no clear way to request maintenance services, your tenants will likely go for far too long with leaky faucets, creaking floors, or a faulty HVAC system. When you do finally receive the complaint, it will likely be more expensive and come with hidden resentments from your tenant. Streamline your service requests with MaintenX’s simple automated system and ensure your tenant issues are heard the first time. 

Provide preventative care on a schedule.

Preventative care saves you money on repairs and ensures your tenants aren’t held up by emergency repairs. Routine services such as cleaning and tune-ups can help you detect problems earlier and provide the level of maintenance service that the best in the industry receive. 

Plan landscaping services early.

Landscaping helps your tenants make a better impression on their customers, which in turn helps you keep them in the same building for longer. By scheduling regular landscaping that prioritizes work by season, you can help your tenants make the right first impression and stay in business longer. This is especially important if your facility has outdoor seating or showrooms and customers will be spending time in and around your landscaping. 

Connect tenants to a 24/7 maintenance service. 

Accidents happen, and when they do, you want your tenants to have preferred access to a 24/7 maintenance crew. MaintenX offers an emergency hotline for commercial maintenance service and can provide your tenants with HVAC, plumbing, and electrical emergency services at any time. When you need quick and reliable maintenance repairs, MaintenX is your top choice!

Ask for input.

The best way to learn how to improve your maintenance service is by asking your tenants for help. If they have issues in the work order management, the services itself, or the scheduling for preventative care, they will likely tell you if you meet face to face. Sometimes these issues can be difficult to communicate and may fall to the back burner with other more pressing concerns at the surface. However, if you take the time to address your maintenance issues, you can fix them easily and make your tenants that much happier. 

To learn more about how you can improve your maintenance services, contact your local MaintenX today!

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