What You Need To Know About Commercial Permitting

If you’re starting a renovation project in a commercial space, there is a lot you need to know about permitting in your area. While each city has its own ordinances and laws, there are some commonalities you should prepare for before you put down the first nail. The more you research and understand prior to the beginning of your project, the more smoothly it will go. 

At MaintenX, we work with a variety of commercial building owners and renters to complete renovation projects for their businesses. If you’re beginning new construction or a renovation, here’s what you need to know: 

Location matters more than you think.

City ordinances for commercial buildings are not the same across the board. While it’s obvious that different industries must follow different compliance rules, there are many other considerations to make with your specific location. For example, are there wetlands or protected areas nearby? Or are you building in a historic district? What about noise ordinances, restricted sightlines, or other requirements for your area? Knowing these contingencies is crucial before you even begin scheduling consultations with your contractors. 

You’ll likely need a general contractor even for small renovation jobs.

Many cities require a general contractor to oversee your renovation project even for minor adjustments to plumbing and electrical work. This is especially important if you are opening up a new business rather than making renovations to an existing one. Before you begin the hiring process, make sure you are in compliance with local construction laws. 

It’s easier to choose a building that is made for your business type.

Some business owners will try to renovate a space that was used for one purpose and turn it into something else entirely, but this can cause problems when it comes to permitting. For example, if you want to turn an old office space into a restaurant, you’ll have to renovate and pull permits for every minor change in your kitchen space. While it can be done, this is a massive undertaking financially and practically. If possible, look for buildings to lease that require as little renovation as possible. 

Your contractors don’t know everything.

Your contractors are experts in what they do, but they can’t answer all of your permitting questions. We specialize for a reason, and what may be right for commercial plumbing could be different for electrical repairs or roofing renovations. In order to avoid reworking and permitting problems, always check with city authorities to ensure you do things right the first time. 

MaintenX offers commercial plumbing, electrical, roofing, HVAC, and general contracting services for both new building construction and remodels. If you have questions about the permitting process or want to schedule a consultation, give us a call today!

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