Four Tips for Better Floor Cleaning & Care

This year has made businesses across the country more aware of their health and cleaning standards. As we battle the novel coronavirus, many brands have taken it upon themselves to revamp their cleaning and sanitization habits to better protect employees and customers. At MaintenX, we strive to be a resource for those companies by helping them maintain a high standard of maintenance excellence. 


While many of our customers have been giving their hard surface and HVAC maintenance a closer look, we encourage them to improve their maintenance habits across the board. Below are just a few tips on how you can take better care of your office floors while keeping germs at bay.


Remove wax

Stains on commercial tiles are oftentimes caused by discoloration of wax, and while it may not actually be dirty, it sends the wrong message to your clients. However, you can remove these stains by removing the wax from the surface, and reapplying a finish that is stain-resistant. This will help your facility look cleaner and feel cleaner, too. 


Use a neutral (non-acidic) floor cleaner.

PH balance makes all the difference when maintaining a floor for many years. Neutral (a 7 on the pH scale) is the best all-purpose cleaner for tile flooring. It won’t cause corrosion or staining like acidic cleaners, but will achieve results that basic cleaners won’t. Whenever possible, look for natural floor cleaners with few harsh chemicals. 


Use the right mop and broom

Wet mops and hard bristles can damage flooring due to the excess moisture and scratching that they cause. This is especially damaging on real hardwood and laminate, so opt for low-moisture mops and soft bristle brushes instead. This will keep your floors looking clean without damaging them over time. 


Proper carpet care

Carpet is one of the trickiest flooring options to clean. It traps dust, dirt, and hair, and will hold onto odors if not cleaned thoroughly and regularly. Spills on carpet must be addressed immediately, and daily or weekly vacuuming is recommended. Use slow passes over each area to ensure that all the dirt and debris is picked up. 


These tricks will help you keep your facility cleaner and healthier for everyone. To learn more about proper building maintenance for your commercial facility, contact your local MaintenX team. 

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