Green and Healthy Cleaning Methods

Cleaning is a vital part of building maintenance, especially when the building houses a business. While there are many ways to clean a facility and its contents, there is a growing trend towards “green” cleaning methods: using environmentally friendly products and practices that minimize water and resources use. These green methods tend to be healthier for humans and can even save on long-term utility costs.

One of the simplest ways to clean greener is to switch products. Demand has created a broad range of environmentally friendly cleaners. Be wary when choosing them, however; sometimes they can be labeled misleadingly. The United States Environmental Protection Agency has laid out ground rules for making these certifications, so buying products marked ‘safe’ by them is generally advisable.

Another aspect of green maintenance involves using fewer resources while cleaning. Obviously, a certain amount of water and electricity is required to clean properly, but minimizing waste is key. There are many appliances designed to limit water consumption and power usage; look for EnergyStar labels. Some facilities even generate their own power or recycle their own water, which can be used for sustainable maintenance.

Green healthy cleaning methods are recommended because they are safer for humans, the environment, and ultimately company budgets. By using safe chemicals and cutting down on utility costs, facility managers can have a clean environment and a better world. To learn about how we at MaintenX can help your business achieve this as well, please contact us anytime.