How To Predict Plumbing Issues Before They Happen

Plumbing issues are never welcome, either in the home or in a large commercial facility. Even minor leaks and damages typically result in disasters when not cared for immediately. If you’re vigilant, you may be able to catch plumbing issues before they turn into an overflowing toilet or water line break. 

MaintenX prioritizes preventative maintenance with each of our clients. We tell them that a preventative repair is always less costly, and less stressful than an emergency repair, even if it seems inconvenient. While bringing in the maintenance team regularly may seem like an unnecessary expense, you’ll be glad when you go through the year without any major or emergency repairs. 

If you want to prevent costly plumbing repairs, look for these signs and perform the preventative maintenance tasks recommended by your MaintenX team.

Higher-than-normal water bill

Unless your facility is under special circumstances, you should use approximately the same amount of water every month. A sudden jump in water usage could signal a problem in your plumbing, such as a leak or a part malfunction. You may notice small leaks from time to time, but the real damage of these remains hidden until you receive your water bill. Even a small faucet leak can cost you hundreds of dollars in a month if not attended. 

Water heater malfunctioning

This is a very common problem to catch in residential areas because it affects shower temperature. However, a water heater malfunction is not always caught in a commercial facility, where the temperature is not as readily detected unless utilizing special equipment. Your water heater should last up to 15 or 20 years. However, if you notice rust, leaks, or other signs of wear and tear, call your MaintenX plumber. If a water heater malfunctions, you could face serious damages 

Drains that don’t run out immediately

A clogged drain may be nothing new at your facility, but if you start to notice the problem across several applications, you may have a serious problem on hand. Slow-moving drains across the facility could indicate a problem with the external lines connecting the building to the city line. There are many different possible causes, so call your MaintenX plumber immediately. 

Rusting pipes

This sign is harder to detect because much of your plumbing will be hidden from sight. However, if you notice rust in any of your pipes, it is a cause for concern. Rusting can lead to a pipe burst, and then severe water damage. If rusting does not cause a burst, it can significantly reduce water pressure. Rusted piping can be repaired with an epoxy lining to reinforce weakened areas, or it can be replaced through a process called pipe bursting.

Preventative plumbing maintenance can be easy and intuitive with a bit of proactive effort and the MaintenX team by your side. Contact us today to learn more about plumbing preventative maintenance and emergency services.