Important Manufacturing Maintenance Practices

The role of the facility manager can become much more important, and more difficult, depending on the type of facility that needs managing. A manufacturing plant presents its own, unique challenges that may get the better of unprepared and inefficient facility managers. Thankfully, having sound maintenance practices sets you in good stead for managing even manufacturing facilities.

Business processes in the world of manufacturing proceed at an alarmingly rapid pace, but it is important to take time out of the hustle and bustle to gather as much information about the facility and its equipment as possible. Taking time in the beginning for familiarization will save time and money later. Without the proper data, it is nearly impossible to make the kind of good decisions that bolster efficiency. Don’t just collect the data and let it gather dust; analysis is also important, as it can tell you when and how best to direct maintenance resources.

Preventative maintenance is another excellent practice to adopt as a manufacturing facility manager. This is primarily because small inspections and fixes over time are more cost-effective than reactive repairs at inconvenient times. It makes your equipment costs predictable, allowing for better budgeting and strategic planning. Preventative maintenance extends the lifetime of machinery and equipment while reducing the risk of downtime and worker injury.

At MaintenX, we are always ready to assist any manufacturing facility manager in devising and executing maintenance plans, or implementing facility data systems. Contact us anytime to learn about these and other services.