Rebates and Incentive Programs for Green Facilities Management

“Going green” is a popular trend in facilities management that involves utilizing equipment and better practices to use less energy and make the facility more environmentally friendly. However, you may think these enhancements are too expensive. But, these upgrades can actually save you money. Not only can they help you cut costs on electricity bills, going green can put cash in your pocket through various rebates and incentive programs.

When planning to upgrade your energy or water systems, companies often overlook a major resource— efficiency rebates. There a variety of different incentive programs. Some ask you to install certain products into your workplace and get money back. Others reward you for how much energy savings are achieved.

In addition, many states offer tax incentives for cutting your company’s energy costs. It is recommended that you check with your energy provider for information on these programs. They typically know all about the tax breaks that might be available to your company. Agencies including the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), U.S Green Building Council, and Green Shield can also offer you more information. Tax incentives are available by implementing energy efficient lighting, upgrading Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) units, and improving building exteriors.

When it comes to helping the environment and saving money, setting up your facility to be efficient and eco-friendly makes sense. With these programs at your fingertips, efficient upgrades become more palatable to even the most money-saving facilities manager. Use these helpful tips to go green with ease.