Summer Is Coming – Here’s How to Prepare for The Heat

As the summer approaches, so do the risks of heat and dehydration. Preparing your facility is vital to the health and protection of your occupants and valuable assets. Follow these tips to stay cool in the summer heat this year.

Get quarterly system checkups.

Routine facility inspections of your HVAC system can ensure that it is set to properly cool your facility while controlling your energy expenses. HVAC system inspections can also diminish the need for future maintenance by helping identify and address any looming system problems before they happen.

Calibrate indoor and outdoor building sensors.

Make sure to check that your facility’s control systems are responding correctly and that the proper temperature is displayed on each unit.

Make sure you have the right HVAC unit.

Is your facility’s HVAC unit the correct size for the layout of your facility? The service life of most HVAC equipment is typically around 18 years. If your equipment is getting close to that lifespan, it might be time to replace it.

Install an Energy Management System.

An energy management system can create huge time, energy, and cost savings for commercial buildings. It acts as an automated facility manager, allowing you to make temperature adjustments from anywhere.

Being proactive about your system’s needs can optimize efficiency as well as control unnecessary energy consumption.

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