Tips for Increasing Water Pressure At The Office 

Faulty plumbing is the last thing you want at the office. Employees may not complain right away, but low water pressure can be problematic to deal with day-to-day. And, it can also be a sign of serious damage to your plumbing system. If you notice low water pressure at your facility, it’s important to call your MaintenX plumber for a professional diagnosis. 

While a professional consultation will typically be necessary, it may not solve the problem immediately. Here’s what you should do as the facility manager to solve your water pressure problem faster. 

Talk to other businesses in the complex. 

If you’re in a shopping center or industrial park with many businesses under the same roof, talk to them to see if they’re also experiencing issues. If so, it may be an issue with the city water. If this is the case, contact the city to report an issue. In this case, you may not need to call your MaintenX plumber for repairs.  

Diagnose water pressure problems before you try a DIY fix. 

You may have experienced similar problems at home or at another facility, but it’s important to reach out for a professional consultation before trying any DIY fix. The diagnosis of a water pressure problem is essential. If you guess and try to solve the problem by process of elimination, you may end up causing more damage or spend more than you need. 

Determine whether water pressure, water flow, or quantity is to blame. 

Oftentimes low water pressure is misconstrued with low flow or low quantity of water. They may all feel the same out of the faucet, but your plumber will be able to tell the difference. Water pressure refers to the actual pressure of the water, while the flow refers to the speed at which it flows and quantity to the amount of water available at one time. 

These tips will help you solve the problem of low water pressure quickly and effectively. Remember, always contact your MaintenX plumber for water pressure issues. We are highly trained and can help you with any commercial plumbing repairs. Contact our team today for more information!

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