Workplace Design Trends for Happy Workers

Most people who work regular shifts spend at least 8 hours in the workplace every day. Because of that, having a comfortable space is more necessity than desire for most employees. To meet this demand, many business owners and facility managers are designing their workplaces to promote employee happiness, productivity, and retention. With changing office spaces, new trends are arising in workplace design.

One of the most prominent trends in workplace design involves redistribution of existing space. Large conference rooms that were popular in many offices are being repurposed for workstations. Too much open and shared space creates more distractions and harms productivity. As a result, more intimate offices and spaces are being created from larger rooms, and space is being used more comfortably by employees. That is not to say that community rooms are a problem, as having a few is still helpful in the office environment, but variety is important in the modern workspace.

Circulation space is also being repurposed, becoming more than just lanes of transportation. The spaces in between offices are being used as communal break rooms and individual alcoves. This makes economic sense, as multi-purpose space is more cost-effective, but employees seem to enjoy the sense of completeness that brings a building together rather than a labyrinth of hallways.

Proper workplace design leads to happy workers, who are more productive and tend to stay with the company longer. At MaintenX, we excel in all aspects of facility maintenance, including renovations that may lead your business toward higher productivity and efficiency. To learn more about the services we offer, please contact us at any time.